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Get the facts on RV kitchen appliances, features, and more.

There are a lot of things that make RV kitchens unique. These kitchens on wheels can vary in size, features, and design depending on the type of RV you’re driving. Some kitchens are simple and small, while others are large and packed with amenities. Some of the best RV kitchens are the ones that are right for you, combining the features you need to get cooking when you’re RVing. We’re breaking down some of the most unique RV kitchen features that set these mobile-culinary powerhouses apart from their residential counterparts.

Whether you’re new to the world of camping or you’ve been part of the RV lifestyle for ages, the newest innovations in RV kitchens are always impressive. Today’s RVs are packed with stunning kitchen designs including upgraded galley kitchens, exterior cooking areas, and even full kitchens with residential appliances and islands. Here are the most unique RV kitchen appliances, features, and designs.

RV Kitchen Cabinets Combine Style and Function

In a normal residential home, kitchen cabinets are mostly a design choice. Sure, they bring storage to your kitchen, but that’s typically the extent of it. In an RV, your cabinets have to meet a lot more expectations to be part of the RV kitchen. They need to look great, bring the right amount of storage for all of your RV kitchen accessories, and even be lightweight. Many RV kitchen cabinets also include added features such as behind door storage and safety features to keep them closed while you’re driving.

Many RV kitchens still keep style in mind, with luxury models incorporating solid wood and hand-finished cabinets. But for RVers, cabinets are about function first, style second. RV kitchen cabinets are a unique feature of these mobile kitchens due to their heightened storage and safety requirements.

Larger RVs also bring pantry storage into the kitchen to free up room in the cabinets. The pantry may be a pull out cabinet, or a walk-in area behind a door adjacent to the kitchen. This unique feature is found on many popular 5th wheels and Class A RVs as well.

RV Kitchen Appliances are True Multitaskers

In an RV kitchen, every centimeter counts. Space is often limited, so unique multitasking RV kitchen appliances are often in the mix. These include things such as a convection microwave. A convection microwave is one kitchen appliance that combines two - a convection oven and a traditional microwave oven. This powerhouse appliance allows you to microwave foods as usual but also allows you to roast, bake, or cook food in the way a convection oven would too. This awesome RV kitchen appliance is standard in many RVs, convection microwaves are even found in smaller campers that may include just a simple kitchen.

RVs with larger kitchens may also include residential-style appliances, such as large four-door refrigerators or even a dishwasher. They’re unique in the RV setting though, bringing different shapes, styles, and locking mechanisms to keep everything secure on the road. For example, many RV dishwashers differ from residential ones with unique sizes and a drawer shape. RV refrigerators often include a special locking mechanism to keep the door secure.

Newer RV kitchens, especially those in luxury RVs, are packed with additional appliances like wine refrigerators. Others may also include a bar seating area or custom appliances. Many RVs include smaller cooktops but allow for higher-end finishes for an elevated cooking experience.

Front Kitchen vs Rear Kitchens in RVs

There are many RV styles available today, and kitchen placement has been an increasingly varied feature on RVs. Some RVers prefer to have their kitchen at the front of their RV, while others prefer for the kitchen to be in the rear of the RV. Of course, there’s no right or wrong location for your kitchen, wherever it’s convenient for your family is the best spot for it to be. If you’re browsing new or used RVs for sale and need some help choosing which kitchen location is your best fit, consider the different benefits each kitchen location offers.

Front kitchens are a popular option for families and RVers who are looking for quick access to the kitchen. Kids can easily grab their snacks throughout the day, and a front kitchen is ideal for RVs with a dinette dining setup. If your RV has only one entry point, a front kitchen can be ideal when you’re putting the groceries away as well. In many RVs, the front kitchen allows for a central living room layout.

Many RVers are also considering rear kitchens for their floor plan. Rear kitchens are popular in many large motorhomes, with a dedicated area just for cooking in the back of the coach. Many towables also feature rear kitchen options. Rear kitchens often offer more countertop space and storage, but it is important to consider the RV’s suspension when choosing a rear kitchen layout. You want to be sure there is minimal drag at the rear of the RV so all of your dishes and appliances are safe for any journey ahead.

Exterior RV Kitchens

On the inside, many RV kitchens have unique features that prepare them for the road. One of the most unique RV kitchen features is the outdoor kitchen that many models include. An exterior kitchen can be a fully operational kitchen with water and even a TV, or it may be a simple burner. The style of your RV will determine the exact features of your exterior kitchen, and not all RVs come with exterior kitchens. But cooking outdoors on a kitchen-style setup wherever your heart desires is a unique and exciting experience that can only be offered by RVs.

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