By Lazydays

We met up with popular podcasters RV Family Travel Atlas to discuss their experience at Lazydays RV Tampa!

You may know RV Family Travel Atlas from their popular weekly podcast where they cover everything from RV industry news and campground exclusives to destination guides and RV education. After renting an RV and staying at the Lazydays RV Resort, we caught up with Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi to discuss their take on the Lazydays RV experience.

The RV Rental Experience

The Puglisi’s are most comfortable traveling in an RV, but they don’t always have the time to drive to their destinations, especially during the winter months. According to Jeremy, “If you’re in the northeast during the winter, it can be dangerous to tow your RV.” In this situation, flying to Florida and picking up a Lazydays RV rental, alleviated their winter driving fears and allowed them to spend more time doing the things they wanted to do.

They also loved having the opportunity to try out a different rig. “With a rental you can test some things out,” Stephanie said. Because they’re used to a towable, renting a Class C RV from Thor gave them a chance to get their feet wet driving a motorhome, which they hope to transition to at some point in the future. “Towables are great for sleeping space and storage space, but as the kids get older, they’re traveling longer and longer distances. Everyone is a little more comfortable in a motorhome.”

The Lazydays RV destination Experience

If you follow along closely with the RV Family Travel Atlas podcast, you may have already heard the Puglisi’s campground review of the award-winning Lazydays RV Resort in Tampa. In addition to enjoying the great resort amenities, they also loved the proximity to all 1,500 new and used RVs in the Lazydays RV display at the world’s largest RV dealership, which is adjacent to the resort.

Because the display RVs are open during business hours, you can browse at your leisure. With young kids, a full day of RV shopping isn’t always in the cards, but the Puglisi’s loved getting the chance to do a little bit of window shopping at the dealership.

“Most RVers are always looking for their next RV,” Stephanie said. “And we loved being able to pop in to look at few RVs on our way back from lunch or at the end of the day without any sales pressure.”

In addition to the great window shopping, Lazydays is also the nation’s largest RV service center. Get any brand serviced in one of our 234 service bays.

The Lazydays RV Accessories & More Store Experience

The first thing Stephanie and Jeremy noticed upon entering the Lazydays RV Accessories & More Store were the stark differences between the Lazydays store and other RV parts stores they’ve visited. While most RV parts stores feel like bare-bones warehouses, the Lazydays store was a wow experience.

One of the biggest differences is the sheer quantity of RV accessories, including RV furniture. “You can test out dozens of recliners and decide what you’re most comfortable in,” Stephanie told us. “Everything is there for you to touch and feel and try out.”

In fact, the Lazydays RV Accessories & More Store in Tampa is Florida’s largest RV accessories store. “It captures the romance of travel,” Jeremy said. “It’s an RV lifestyle store, not just a parts store.”

Advice for RV Beginners

“Lazydays is a great place for the beginner because you can rent an RV to try it out before buying,” Stephanie said. She also noted the extensive RV education seminars available on-site, including the RV Driver Confidence Course: “Some dealers might have some seminars once a month, if they even have that. At Lazydays, there’s a schedule of education and seminars every single day.”

For new RVers, the Lazydays RV delivery sites add an extra layer of convenience. “If you buy at Lazydays, you can stay there and stay hooked up overnight,” Stephanie pointed out. “It can be hard to figure out how everything in the RV works, but Lazydays has a whole setup where you can learn with the experts who are right there to help you.”

The best advice the Puglisi’s had to give for RV beginners? “The dealer matters just as much as the RV you buy,” Jeremy told us. “You want to rely on a trustworthy dealer.”

Visit a Lazydays RV dealership in Florida, Arizona and Colorado to take advantage of the most experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy sales and service professionals in the industry.