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The service experts at Lazydays RV are committed to providing RVers with a service experience that is second-to-none in the RV industry.

The service experts at Lazydays RV are committed to providing RVers with a service experience that is second-to-none in the RV industry. There’s not a lot that keeps an RVer off the road, but we know that a lapse in preventative maintenance can be one of those things. To ensure you get to enjoy the most out of the RV lifestyle, our certified technicians have the expertise to help keep your motorhome in top shape.

Staying on top of your motorhome’s regular maintenance, along with quickly addressing any service issues, is vital to extend its longevity and value. Across the spectrum of motorhome types, keeping up with regular maintenance can be a challenge. Besides keeping a handy service checklist (you know we love lists), knocking out all of your regular, annual services is the best way to keep your RV running smoothly year-round. To help RVers, Lazydays RV offers multiple, tiered motorhome service packages at all our dealerships and service centers. Here, we’ll discuss a few of the motorhome-specific services owners need to consider and discuss how motorhome service packages from Lazydays RV can help keep your costs down and your RV running!

Motorhome services to stay on top of

There are three different classes of motorhomes to choose from, each offering comforts and amenities just right for certain RV experiences. These experiences range from mobile apartment-style luxury of Class A motorhomes to the truly livable van-style Class B motorhomes. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a diehard tailgater, there’s sure to be a motorhome for you.

The best practices for maintaining a motorhome is to consider the features, such as rooftop AC units, awnings, similar plumbing/freshwater systems, appliances, and more. Keeping in mind that RVers can choose between diesel or gas engines for all three classes. Class C and Class B diesel motorhomes are less common than their Class A counterparts, but most top manufactures make diesel options in these classes.

Between these two engine types, RVers constantly debate which one best suits their travel lifestyle. Diesel engines provide more torque at lower speeds and better overall performance but also require more specialized maintenance. On the flip side, gas engines perform exceptionally well at higher speeds, and gas is much less expensive and easier to find but does perform as well on graded roads. One thing that is certain with both engine types is that regular maintenance is a MUST. Air, oil, and other filters should be replaced often, and a general engine inspection should be performed at least once per year.

Beyond the engine, the suspension and transmission are two motorhome-specific systems that require regular maintenance. Your suspension should be inspected at least once per year to ensure it’s at the proper level in standard configuration, it can be adjusted properly, and there isn’t any damage present. A standard transmission service should include inspection of the routing for any leaks or damage, along with possible replacement of the transmission fluid (recommended frequency ranges from once every 1 to 2 years).

The brake system and tires are two other systems with recommended maintenance. As with any vehicle, keeping your motorhome’s brakes in top condition should be a priority. Beyond the annoying sound of squeaky or worn-down brakes, safety becomes the main concern when brakes are not properly serviced. Tires also require regular inspection that includes checking the overall condition, including tread, pressure and lug nuts.

Motorhome Maintenance Packages Available at Lazydays RV

To help RVers keep up with their annual motorhome maintenance, we’ve bundled essential services into several motorhome service packages. Available at Lazydays RV service centers across the country, these maintenance packages encompass services for most essential systems found in Class A, B, and C motorhomes. Our maintenance packages encompass the recommended services essential to maintaining the motorhome’s key components with five tiers to choose from: Silver, Diamond, Gold, Platinum and Titanium.

The motorhome Silver bundle is the first of the five tiers and includes the following services:

  • Fan belt inspection
  • Radiator and heater hose inspection
  • Air filter inspection (gas only)
  • Air filter gauge inspection (diesel only and not available in Diamond package)
  • Window seal and sealant inspection
  • Exterior light inspection
  • Fluid inspection and top off (DEF tank excluded)
  • House and chassis battery service
  • And more!

Additional services that are included in the motorhome Diamond, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium bundles include:

  • Water heater service
  • Refrigerator service
  • Stove and furnace service
  • AC filter cleaning or replacement
  • Aqua-Hot® service (diesel only)

For a more complete annual service, choosing the motorhome Platinum or Titanium packages provide RVers with additional motorhome services that include:

  • Water pump test
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of gray and black water tanks
  • Fill fresh water
  • Slide and jacks service
  • Wiper blade replacement
  • Air tank system service
  • Air dryer service
  • And more!

Finally, the Titanium package is our most comprehensive maintenance bundle that offers a wealth of additional services including:

  • Hydraulic disc or air brake line inspection and cleaning
  • Fuel tank mount and line check and inspection
  • Charge air cooler inspection and cleaning
  • Check and clean ground cables
  • Remove, clean, repack and adjust wheel bearings
  • AC component check and inspection
  • Exhaust system check and inspection
  • Suspension check and inspection
  • Transmission hose check and inspection
  • And much, much more!

Check your motorhome’s owner’s manual to determine which services may or may not be required for your model.

In addition to our motorhome service packages, Lazydays RV offers a range of individual and seasonal services and specials. Two of our most popular seasonal services include basic winterization and RV inspections. To ensure your RV is truly ready for a season of RV travel, Lazydays RV also offers comprehensive seasonal inspections that check all of your motorhome’s essential systems. Schedule an appointment today for your next motorhome service!

To learn more about Lazydays RV’s selection of the latest towable RVs and motorhomes, RV accessories, and service packages, contact us today or visit a Lazydays dealership near you!

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