By Lazydays

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on a long road trip or while full-time RVing is a unique challenge.

Longs hours spent on the road, limited food storage and cooking options, lack of access to a gym and other challenges are all a part of the RV lifestyle. There are plenty of ways for RVers to overcome these obstacles and lead a healthy, active lifestyle while on the road.

Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks for staying fit while RVing.

Simple Workouts Are Still Workouts

A gym membership and exercise equipment aren’t must-haves thanks to workouts that are entirely focused on bodyweight exercises. Whether available through a fitness app or online, bodyweight exercises and workouts are an easy way to stay in shape while RVing. They can be done anywhere in as little as 15-30 minutes every day.

For RVers who want to increase the intensity of their workouts, bring a small set of dumbbells or resistance bands with you. Both are versatile sets of equipment that allow you to perform a wide range of exercises and target any muscle group. Best of all, they use a minimal amount of storage space. Additionally, other equipment like a suspension training system, a yoga mat or an ab roller are great pieces of compact gear that enhance any workout.

Make Exercise a Part of Vacation

Whether you’re full-time RVing or on a lengthy RV road trip, you have the chance to visit some incredible places all over the country. From the Grand Canyon to the beaches of Key West, the RV lifestyle offers some incredible opportunities. When visiting one of these locations, schedule an activity that lets you exercise while enjoying the outdoors. Hiking, kayaking or bike riding are great workouts that everyone in the family can enjoy at their own pace.

When planning your next RV trip, schedule a stop with a fitness event in mind. Marathons, 5Ks and obstacle races are great fitness events that take place across the country. Each event offers unique challenges for people of all athletic abilities.

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be a Challenge

Eating healthy is another obstacle many RVers face when trying to stay healthy. A few easy adjustments are all it takes to maintain a healthy diet on the road. Some of our favorite tricks include:

  • Meal Planning: Plan your meals in advance to save time, money and to maintain a consistent diet on the road. A meal plan cuts out the stress of scheduling stops at gas stations or fast food restaurants and makes dinners on the road much healthier.
  • Snacking at the right time: Avoid unhealthy treats like candy and gas station nachos by bringing your own snacks on your next RV trip. Snacks like trail mix, beef jerky and Greek yogurt are just a few tasty, healthy options to enjoy while on the road. Avoid eating while driving as well, since you can zone out and overeat.
  • Use the grill: Cooking meals that use the grill is a simple trick to maintain a healthy diet on the road. An RV grill can cook much more than steak and chicken. Grilling vegetables and fruits can create unique dishes with incredible flavors.

For more RV tips and tricks while on the road, make sure to check out the Lazydays blog!